🌲 Control aircon by monitoring temperature in other parts of the room 🎐

power AA
wireless Infrared
sensor Temperature
mcu SAMD21G
bom items 49
bom cost USD $9.71
vendors 2
status ongoing


Getting Started

status ongoing

Note: Currently this project is on-going where the PCB schematics and layout are being made for manufacturing so that breadboarding will not be required upon completion.

Step 1

Wire up the prototype components.

Breadboard Schematic Hardware prototype

Step 2

Flash the firmware onto the Arduino compatible M0 board with SAMD21 micro-controller.

Open the setup page with Web USB and record the aircon's ON and OFF infrared commands by pressing the relevant buttons on the remote controller.

Serial console Web USB setup page

Step 3

Edit data.h with the ON and OFF command codes. Turn on and off the aircon through the serial console.

Firmware serial console