🌲 Control aircon by monitoring temperature in other parts of the room 🎐

power AA
wireless Infrared
sensor Temperature
mcu SAMD21G18
bom items 49
bom cost USD $9.71
vendors 2
status completed in September 2020
Prototype Front
Prototype Back
Prototype Side
Prototype Top


Getting Started

status completed

Step 1

The PCB has 2 battery holder connector holes that can be used to attach the battery holder.

PCB battery connector holes

Put in 3 AA batteries and turn on the switch. The power LED should turn on.

PCB with battery holder

Step 2

Flash the firmware onto the Arduino Zero compatible board with a micro-USB cable.

Web USB setup page

Connect to the serial monitor to see the debug messages.

Serial console

Step 3

Notice that the aircon should turn ON and OFF every 5 seconds as a test.