🌳 Outdoor LoRa-GPS tracker with E-Ink display 🔑

power 18650
wireless LoRa,
sensor GPS, E-Ink
mcu SAMD21G18
bom items 82
bom cost USD $78.93
vendors 6
completed July 2022


Prototype Front
Prototype Back
Prototype Side
Prototype Top


  • Configure the 2 nodes with addresses 0xAA and 0xBB so that they can communicate with each other via LoRa
  • Know when the current node does not have any GPS fix yet
  • Display the current latitude-longitude
  • Display the latitude-longitude with a relative time ago, which is the last GPS fix time
  • Display the Haversine distance with the peer nodes
  • Display the Haversine distance with a relative time ago when both nodes had a GPS fix

Getting Started

Step 1

Assemble the components.

Screw in the E-Ink screen, the LoRa antenna and insert the 18650 battery at the back.

Final assembly With the battery

Step 2

[Option A]: Install new board in Arduino IDE

Copy and paste the following URL into the File > Preferences > "Additional Boards Manager" textbox in Arduino IDE

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hutscape/arduino-board-index/main/package_hutscape_index.json Paste board URL

Restart Arduino IDE. Go to Tools > Boards Manager > Search for Hutscape or Oak

Install custom board Installation of custom board is successful

[Option B]: Use Makefile

Run make to upload the sketch to the board.

Run the command make to upload the code to the board Successfully uploaded the code to the board