🫑 Retrofit a wired doorbell to add WiFi and make it connected 🔔

power 16340
wireless WiFi
mcu ESP32-C3
ongoing since Oct 2023


Task Cost (USD) per unit Qty Total (USD)
PCB $3.64 5 $18.18
Components $20.62 2 $41.24
Assembly $15.00 2 $30.00
Case $10.71 2 $21.41
Shipping $11.78
TOTAL $49.96 2 $122.61




  • March 2024: Send for manufacturing and assembly of 2 prototypes. This phase includes PCB manufacturing, component procurement, pick and place, 3D printing the cases.
  • December 2023: Completing the schematics with footprints, MPN and availability of assembly parts.



For next iteration

Lessons learnt

Improvements for the next version

  • (Case) Make the text height bigger for LEDs and ON/OFF power switch
  • (Case) Add more chamfers and rounded corners for a better aesthetic
  • (Case) Teeth and groves - Make the teeth thicker for better strength
  • (Case) Teeth and groves - Add holder in the teeth to that the top and bottom case do not slide
  • (Case) Teeth and grooves - Include visual cues on the exterior for finger placement
  • (Case) PCB holder screw lug can be shorter
  • (Case) Add an LED slot to view the charge LED from the outside without opening the case
  • (Power) Battery - Use flat LiPo battery for a compact design
  • (Layout) PCB - Add silkscreen pin labels for all connectors that extend outside the PCB E.g. pin headers or USB-C
  • Use Conventional Commit Messages for better git history with scopes such as schematic, layout, bom, firmware, case, power.