🫑 Retrofit a wired doorbell to add WiFi and make it connected 🔔

power 16340
wireless WiFi
mcu ESP32-C3
ongoing since Oct 2023


  • Total parts: 75
    • Total parts to populate: 70
  • Unique parts: 30
    • SMT parts: 24
    • TH parts: 4
    • DNP parts: 2
  • Total vendors: 2
  • Vendor names: AliExpress, PCBWay

Bill of Materials

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  • Designator: Reference designator according to standards ASME Y14.44-2008 and IEEE 315-1975 are used.
  • Cost: Unit price does not include shipping cost, interest charges, taxes and minimum order quantity cost.

Software Bill of Materials

Component Name Version License Type Description
KiCad 7.0.8 GNU GPL v3 App An open source software suite for Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
InteractiveHtmlBom v8 MIT License Plugin Generates a convenient Bill of Materials (BOM) listing
FreeCAD 0.21.2 GNU GPL App A 3D parametric modeling application
kicadStepUp GNU Affero General Public License Plugin Help in Mechanical Collaboration between KiCad EDA and FreeCAD
Arduino CLI 0.34.2 GNU GPL v3 Framework Arduino command line tool
Arduino_DebugUtils 1.4.0 GNU GPL v3 Library Provides functionality useful for debugging sketches via printf-style statements
NTPClient 3.2.1 Library Get time from a NTP server and keep it in sync
Arduino ESP32 2.0.14 LGPL-2.1 Library Arduino core for the ESP32

Interactive BOM

This can be used while soldering, testing or inspecting the manufactured and assembled PCB.

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Interactive BOM for KiCAD
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