Rollback to Arduino / ESP-IDF on ESP32-C3

Updated on 4 January 2023
dev board ESP32-C3-DevKitM-1
chip ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4
features rollback arduino esp-idf esp32c3
This tutorial is more than 1 year old. If the steps below do not work, then please check the latest versions and the documentations of the individual tools used.

Before starting


Ensure the following dependancies are downloaded and available:

Buy the components


A photo of the actual setup.

Rollback to Arduino / ESP-IDF on ESP32-C3 prototype


Use the rollback feature if the dev board has been flashed with Micropython or Tasmota and you need to use it with ESP-IDF / Arduino again.

Rollback steps

  1. Plug in the board on the USB port
  2. Check the port address with ls /dev/cu.*
     ls /dev/cu.*
  3. Erase the flash --chip esp32c3 --port /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART erase_flash
  4. Flash in the blinky example via ESP-IDF
  5. Disconnect any serial monitor running the logs (if any).
  6. Flash in the blinky example for Arduino